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Pantheism denotes any philosophy which claims that god and the universe are identical.

Keywords: Pantheism, Philosophies, Philosophy, Rational, Justification, Assumption, Presupposition, Contradiction, Reason, Universal Truth.


Pantheistic claims are false .


Humans assume the universal truth that all contradictions are false. Any worldview that does not allow for this assumption to be rationally justified is deductively false.

Premise 1: If absolute ultimacy is shared, then universal truth claims are believed without reason.

Premise 2: Under pantheism, absolute ultimacy is shared by the fundamental elements of the universe.

Conclusion: Therefore, under pantheism, universal truth claims are believed without reason.

If pantheistic claims are true, there is no reason to believe universal truth claims, including universal noncontradiction. There is then no reason to believe that contradictory claims are deductively false, thereby making pantheistic claims themselves deductively false.

This Argument from Reason demonstrates that pantheism is false.

World Religions and Cults (volume 2)

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