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Other Writings

World Religions and Cults (volume 2) World Religions and Cults (vol 2)

Along with numerous other authors including Don Landis, Bodie Hodge and Roger Patterson, Timothy McCabe contributes analyses of various world religions and cults in this volume from Master Books.
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A.I. Chatbot Claude says God exists

A recent conversation with AI chatbot Claude, Anthropics Technology's ChatGPT competitor, ends with the chatbot agreeing that reason demands the existence of God.
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Rational Justification

An analysis of discovery, imputation, and authorship: the only three possible methods of rationally justifying claims.
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The Author Analogy

Comparing God to an author makes sense of a number of beliefs that Christians, monotheists, and humans in general have about God and the world around them.
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Scriptural Determinism

A set of scripture passages that I personally see as clearly affirming a view often referred to as Divine Determinism. Specifically, God alone is the only uncaused-first-cause, or ultimate cause, of everything that happens.
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Resolving the Münchhausen Trilemma

Standard epistemology paradigms are often criticized for not delivering on ultimate justification for claims. However, humans all recognize a simple mechanism that really does ultimately justify claims. Why then does the Münchhausen trilemma get any traction? Simple: successful epistemology requires submission to God.
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The Book of Hebrews and the Real Presence

Based on the Book of Hebrews, this is a challenge for Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and anyone else who holds to the ideas that the bread and wine, during the Christian communion becomes Christ's flesh and blood literally; becomes God, and is to be worshipped;and is to be re-offered in sacrifice to atone for sins.
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Does God make us sin?

If God made everything, does He make us sin? Recognized as one of the most critical aspects of the philosophical question known as “the problem of evil”, responses to this question from Christians have been both incredibly diverse and strenuously adamant. And often, horrifically contradictory...

If God knows the future, do I have a choice?

There are many who insist that a choice, a true choice, cannot be foreknown. The outcome cannot be predetermined, or it isn’t really a choice. They recognize that if the outcome is predetermined, then the one who chooses could never have chosen otherwise...

Why Care About Jesus?

What does a 2,000 year-old crucified Jew have to do with anyone today? Why do Christians insist that Jesus matters? What does it mean when we say Jesus died for us? How does his death benefit me?
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Deductive Proof of a Rational God

Is it really possible to deductively prove the existence of a rational God? The answer, believe it or not, lies in the question itself. Is it possible to prove anything at all? Where to we get the idea of proof from? What is our framework for thought, and is it actually rational?