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Empiricism describes any philosophy which claims that all knowledge originates in experience, denying the validity of both deductive reasoning and divine revelation.

Keywords: Empiricism, Philosophy, Knowledge, Experience, False, Contradictory.


Empiristic claims are false .


Any worldview that does not allow for its own foundation is deductively false.

Premise 1: Empricism is false if one must have prior knowledge to make sense of experiences.

Premise 2: One must have the prior knowledge of universal non-contradiction to make sense of experiences.

Conclusion: Therefore, empiricism is false.

Empiristic claims, when adhered to, deny the possibility of making sense of experiences, all the while claiming that making sense of experiences is the only way to know things. This contradictory denial of knowledge makes empiricism deductively false.

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"Brian Dunning from claims that there is no record of a mass Exodus of Jewish slaves out of Egypt. Is this true?"

No. This is not even remotely the case. This would be true only if we were to throw out all record that we have of the exodus of Jews from Egypt, as Brian Dunning seems to do. Let's take a look at some of his outrageous claims. The statement in question comes from an essay on entitled "Did Jewish Slaves Build the Pyramids?" PRESUPPOSITIONS Mr.

"God knowing in advance how I will use my free will means that god knows which events will lead to me being religious, and which to me being atheist. If God does exist, then doesn't his choice to set forth the latter mean he wanted me to be atheist?"

Yes. God has designed each person for His purposes (Romans 9:21). Some people are designed for judgement and others are designed for forgiveness (Romans 9:22-23). All of us are designed to sin (Romans 3:23, 8:28). This magnifies His graciousness; His perfectly just nature; and His eternal Godhood. Whether or not God plans on you remaining an Atheist and ultimately being judged for your willing rejection of obvious and clearly revealed truths, I have no idea (Romans 1:20; Psalm 14:1).

Rationalism is false: a simple proof

Rationalism describes any philosophy that claims that beliefs and opinions should always be logical, deductive conclusions rather than being based on experience, observations, religious teachings, or divine revelation.

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